Reflections of a College Senior

29 August, 2015


I wanted to take some time here and there to share some of my entries from the journal I started last year for Life Offscript. I was a little hesitant at first to put these out there because some of them are very raw, but I decided to share them anyways because I started this blog to share pieces of my heart that hopefully will inspire someone else on their journey. So here’s the first entry:


Journal Entry #1 – 01/25/15


Well, its the end of the first week of my senior year. I remember writing my first entry in a journal my very first week of College. I recently re-read that entry and was so surprised at how much my thinking has changed. (Good thing because I sounded real pathetic as a little lonely freshman). Four years here has definitely molded and shaped me in more ways than one. There have been so many wonderful moments where I have experienced Grace, met amazing people, been encouraged, and had my dimensions expanded. However, there have been plenty of seemingly bad moments as well. Moments when I felt lost, weak, done, and beyond repair. Somehow my family stuck my be through those emotional rollercoasters. I met friends who have literally become my family and forever influenced my life for the better.


And God saw something in me worth rescuing and redeeming. I wouldn’t  trade a minute of it. Now I sit here in my favorite Starbucks in Gulf Breeze, surrounded by my best friends who have stuck by my side through the ups and downs, and I’m so overwhelmed by God’s Mercy and Grace. Who am I to deserve His love?


     God has been moving my heart over the last several weeks and months to stop trying to achieve some outward (or inward) form of perfection and just to seek Him, to get a true picture of who He is instead of trying to attain some grand social status, to embrace the free gift of grace and just see Jesus for who He is. It’s a life changing journey and it has already been an adventure that I cannot describe in words. I’m starting this journal to keep notes and musing along the way, and to help me work through ideas for my upcoming blog. I can’t wait to see what God has in store.

~ Jessica

Since I first wrote this post, I’ve seen God take my life off script more than once. Some of them trials that stretched me further than I thought I wanted to go and some exciting adventures that granted me a whole new perspective on life.


Maybe this will inspire you to start your own journal to track your own adventures and to help you reflect on what’s important and how God has brought every circumstance into your life through His providence to glorify Him. Don’t ever lose sight of the magic of Grace and a beautiful life lived off script!


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